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HIS SONG FOR HER WAKING, by            
First Line: Tis dawn in the sky of the world
Last Line: If you cared -- if you cared.
Subject(s): Dawn; Love - Unrequited; Sunrise

'TIS dawn in the sky of the world,
'Tis dawn in the sky of my heart,
And earth is the bud of a rose
Whose petals are trembling apart;
So I come to your door in the dawn
And I breathe you my life in a word.
You would smile, you would lean from your window, my Queen,
If you heard -- if you heard.

THE earth is all throbbing with fire
And I am a pulse of the flame;
All breathless the universe beats
Like a heart that is tuned to your name,
As the stars in their courses last night
Kept time to each breath that you drew.
But our passion is dumb -- oh, my love, you would come
If you knew -- if you knew --

YOU would glow in the flush of the dawn
You glitter so coldly above.
You would lean like a rose to his cry
Who yearns to the lips of your love.
You would raise him who faints at your feet
To a height that his hope never dared.
You would warm the poor clod in your arms to a god --
If you cared -- if you cared.

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