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IMMORTAL, by            
First Line: Because your hand
Last Line: Because you died?
Subject(s): Death; Dead, The

BECAUSE your hand
Grew tired and laid the busy brush aside;
Because your weary eyes forewent their sight,
Shall none of all the pictures you had planned
Take form and colour for the world's delight --
Because you died?

THE hope that kept
Through patient years of uncongenial toil
Your spirit's lamp sustained with sacred oil,
The dream and the desire that never slept --
Did all the wonder-world that was your art
Stop with your heart?

A TIME so brief
After your long probation, to declare
Your hoarded visions -- strangely hard it seems!
Is even God so rich beyond belief
That he from his eternity could spare
Your waiting dreams?

HE does not waste.
A thought once born, forevermore must live.
Bountiful spirit, that so loved to give,
With what a high delight you now dispense
In glorious largess, without stint or haste,
Your opulence!

I SEE you guide
The hand of some young painter to reveal
The truth you lived so many years to feel,
Your joy in his achievement doubly deep.
Your joy . . . ah, how have we the heart to weep
Because you died?

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