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LIE-AWAKE SONGS: 2, by            
First Line: The city is so kind to me
Last Line: Or is it just -- the city?
Subject(s): Cities; Urban Life

THE city is so kind to me;
It stays awake for company --
It never sleeps at all.
Its lamps are always burning bright
From when my mother says good-night
Until the milkmen call.
The street is always full of wheels,
Horse-carriages and aut'mobiles --
The whole night long they pass,
Carrying home to marble halls
Princesses that have been to balls
In little shoes of glass.
Then there's the dog across the way --
He must be dreaming of the day
Or barking at a kitty --
And people talking as they go . . .
I often wonder do they know
That I'm awake and like them so,
Or is it just -- the City?

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