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THE FORFEIT, by                    
First Line: Only for this, dear heart, only for this
Last Line: Do I regret. . . .
Subject(s): Love - Complaints

ONLY for this, dear heart, only for this
Do I regret
The hour earth fell away, and left our kiss
A passionate star where soul and body met.
Only for this, dear heart, only for this
Would I -- if it were possible -- forget.
For this -- that I can never see your eyes
Without remembering their transfigured light
That shone upon me then
As Love drew near and took us by surprise.
That I can never give to you again
The quiet-pulsing touch of friendship only,
For memory of your touch that summer night.
I know that you are weary, bruised and lonely,
Craving a comrade's tranquil tenderness --
But since to give you more I have no right,
I needs must give you less.
Is this the inevitable tax of pain
Because our love was fettered to a lie --
That I must see you look to me in vain
And never tell you why?
Once, only once, if I might bring to you
The comfortable balm for which you plead!
Once, only once, if I might be and do
All that you need!
But slowly, surely, like a wall of stone,
Our parted lives more hopelessly to sever,
Rises this barrier -- to be overthrown
Only for this, dear heart -- only for this
Do I regret. . . .

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