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THE LAME CHILD, by            
First Line: He passed along our village street
Last Line: Along his crippled years!
Subject(s): Children; Physical Disabilities; Childhood; Handicapped; Handicaps; Physically Challenged; Cripples

HE passed along our village street;
The fame of him had gone before
And many ran on whispering feet
To mock or wonder or appeal.
I caught my child from where he lay
And stood expectant at the door.
Many the sick he healed that day,
But mine he did not heal.

HE paused before us where we stood
And looked into my boy's blue eyes --
Those eyes of tortured babyhood
Questioning life with hurt surprise.
It would have taken but a word
To make the future sweet and clear --
Many the prayers that day he heard,
But mine he did not hear.

YET this he did -- his head he bent
And kissed my child upon the cheek.
He turned upon me, as he went,
Eyes that were wonderful with tears.
Silent I shrank before the deeps
Of mysteries too great to speak --
But oh, my patient son who creeps
Along his crippled years!

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