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THE LITTLE PEOPLE, by            
First Line: Because I dreamed with open eyes and watched the stars at night
Last Line: And for the little people from whom I turned away.

BECAUSE I dreamed with open eyes and watched the stars at night,
Because I loved the forest and wandered there alone,
The Little Faery People that mock at human might
They set a spell upon me and chose me for their own.

THE Little People told me of a country strange and sweet --
Builded with words of beauty I saw its towers rise;
But I knew my mother listened for the coming of my feet --
In tears the vision darkened and vanished from mine eyes.

THE Little People bade me choose -- to cast with them my lot,
Or nevermore to see them for mine own kindred's sake.
Their deep eyes yearned upon me, but I could heed them not.
My people were my people -- what choice was mine to make?

MY people are my people and dear they are to me;
Yet sometimes comes a longing till I hardly dare to pray,
For that far land of wonder that I shall never see
And for the Little People from whom I turned away.

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