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TO A PRESSED ROSE, by            
First Line: Lovely faded rose
Last Line: A lovely faded rose.
Subject(s): Flowers; Roses; Time

LOVELY faded rose!
Had but my fortune beckoned me that way
Among the silver stirrings of the day
That Nature for your blossom-triumph chose!
Had I but seen your maiden leaves unfold
From your immaculate heart of fragrant gold!
I was not there; another passed -- who knows
How many others, lovely faded rose?
And yet, had it been I
Who came between your crimson and the sky,
You would have been a rose among the rest --
A beauty-breathing joy upon my breast,
And then -- a rain of petals by the way.
My thanks to God or man, who chose to lay
Your glowing over-sweet
Within the cloistered calm of this retreat.
I would not have you for my wearing -- no.
It had been easy to forget you, so.
Now in my memory tenderly I close
A lovely faded rose.

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