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First Line: Chloe is elegant and pretty
Last Line: Ladies! -- to marry neither!
Alternate Author Name(s): Clay, Mrs. William

Chloe is elegant and pretty,
But silly and affected;
Myra is sensible and witty,
And by the wise respected.

When pretty Chloe I behold,
I think myself her lover;
But ere I have my passion told,
Her failings I discover.

When Myra talks, I'm pleased to hear,
And venerate her mind:
But in her face no charms appear,
My wavering heart to bind.

Blindfold I should to Myra run,
And swear to love her ever;
Yet when the bandage was undone,
Should only think her clever.

With the full usage of my eyes,
I Chloe should decide for;
But when she talks, I her despise,
Whom, dumb, I could have died for!

My ear or eye must tortur'd be
If I make choice of either;
'T is therefore best I should agree --
Ladies! -- to marry neither!

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