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THE PICTURE OF A FINE GENTLEMAN, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: See florio in his vis-a-vis
Last Line: Each was ambitious to adore.
Alternate Author Name(s): Clay, Mrs. William
Subject(s): Facades; Appearances

SEE Florio in his vis-a-vis --
No comet shines more bright than be;
The spectacle attracts the eye,
And captive fair ones round him die;
Or if, exalted in his seat,
On phaeton he shakes the street,
Trembling with wonder, we behold
A Macaroni grown so bold;
He lashes on his prancing steeds,
And looks disdainful o'er our heads;
But should he to the Opera come,
Elate with pride in beauty's bloom,
There guard your hearts, ye tender misses!
For Florio there the sex bewitches.

He comes in all the pomp of dress,
And lovely spite of haughtiness;
A broche is on his jabot placed,
His finger with a diamond graced,
And to complete the finished Beau,
A giant buckle hides his shoe;
A muff as vast as Ajax' shield,
Behold this modern Paris wield;
A sword is dangling at his side,
Of tempered steel, but never tried;
A feather, white as Celia's breast,
Adorns his chapeau bras; his vest,
Enriched with spangles, foils, and lace,
Is deemed the finest in the place.

A golden snuff-box he displays,
Takes snuff, and talks in foreign phrase;
Looks at his watch, whose brilliant chain
A hundred trinkets does sustain,
Games, swears, and acts the man of ton,
By self-importance only known;
Makes love, and rhymes, coquets, and sings,
Whilst with his praise th' assembly rings.
But could we follow Florio home,
And view him in his dressing-room,
Without the aid of powerful art,
How would the pretty misses start,
To see him void of the disguise,
Which fashionable dress supplies!
Florio no longer could be known
The gay Lothario of the town;
But all your sex would spurn the creature,
Nor recollect a single feature
Of him who, not an hour before,
Each was ambitious to adore.

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