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First Line: Now clap your hands together
Last Line: In life itself new zest!
Subject(s): Spring

Now clap your hands together,
For this is April weather,
And love again is born;
The west wind is caressing,
The turf to your feet are pressing
Is thrilling to the morn.

To see the grass a-greening,
To find each day new meaning,
In sky and tree and ground;
To see the waters glisten,
To linger long, and listen
To every waking sound!

To feel your nerves a-tingle
By grackle's strident jingle
Or starling's brooky call,
Or phoebe's salutation,
Or sparrow's proclamation
Atop the garden wall!

The maple trees are thrilling,
Their eager juices spilling
In many a sugar-camp.
I see the buckets gleaming,
I see the smoke and steaming,
I see the fragrant damp.

The mourning-dove is cooing,
The husky crow is wooing,
I hear his raucous vows;
The robin's breast is glowing,
Warm hues of earth are showing
Behind the early plows.

I love each April token
And every word that's spoken
In field or grove or vale, --
The hyla's twilight chorus,
The clanging geese that o'er us
Keep well the northern trail.

Oh, soon with heaping measures
The spring will bring her treasures
To gladden every breast;
The sky with warmth a-beaming,
The earth with love a-teaming --
In life itself new zest!

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