Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, AS SEEN FROM MY WINDOWS, by ELLIE WILCOX BURT

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AS SEEN FROM MY WINDOWS, by            
First Line: Changing daily, panoramas
Last Line: Unfold daily for my pleasure.

Changing daily, panoramas
Are unfolded for my pleasure....
Foothills of the great Olympics
Sometimes dour in black or purple,
Sometimes wearing tam-o-shanters
Of snow-fleece, as I look Westward:
Set in beautiful surroundings
Are the Capitol's state buildings
In architectonic groupings
On a plateau by the river:
This, my vista looking southward.
To the North the rippling waters
Of fair Puget Sound flow, striving,
For their goal, the blue Pacific.
East, I overlook the city
And the busy docks where freighters
Load and unload costly cargoes.
On the slope, homes dot the landscape
Vieing with the heavens at nightfall
With their many lights a-twinkle;
Beyond these, austere and rugged,
Rise the mighty Cascade mountains.
As a giant among pygmies
Mt. Rainier above them towers.
Stately trees adorn the landscape;
Flowers bloom throughout the winter.
Matters not in which direction
I gaze, changing panoramas
Unfold daily for my pleasure.

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