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A MARSH MESSAGE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: The melancholy marshes brood
Last Line: The young fresh soul that was so fair?
Subject(s): Death; Life; Sea; Soul; Swamps; Voices; Dead, The; Ocean; Bogs; Fens; Marshes

THE melancholy marshes brood
In all their rich monotony:
Beyond them, in a twilight mood,
The more than melancholy sea.

A seemly spot for news of death:
The message comes, with tidal pain:
The ancient faring-forth of breath,
The young laid low, the lovely slain.

Her life was one that, river-sweet,
Across the uplands ran, -- but then
Inexorably plunged to meet
The under waves that wait for men,

The lethal waters, salt and still,
Wherover mystery bides; the Vast
Whose voice is mystic, and whose will
Is stronger than our will at last.

* * * * * * * * *

The marsh is troubled in its dream
By a faint, tremulous stir of air:
Is it the passing of the stream,
The young fresh soul that was so fair?

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