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First Line: I see a caravel of spanish make
Last Line: Columbus, calm, his prescience verified.
Subject(s): Columbus, Christopher (1451-1506); Explorers; Sailing & Sailors; Sea; Travel; United States - History; Exploring; Discovery; Discoverers; Seamen; Sails; Ocean; Journeys; Trips

I SEE a caravel of Spanish make
That westward like a winged creature flies
Above a sea dawn-bright, and arched with skies
Expectant of the sun and morning-break.
The sailors from the deck their land-thirst slake
Scanning the wave-leagues till their longing eyes
Discern a coast that faint and dreamlike lies,
The while they pray, weep, laugh, -- or madly take
Their shipmates in their arms and speak no word.
And then I see a figure, tall, removed
A little from the others, as behooved,
That since the dawn has neither spoke nor stirred;
A noble form the looming mast beside,
Columbus, calm, his prescience verified.

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