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First Line: You will find them in lone hidings
Last Line: To the deathless fools of dream!
Subject(s): Dreams; Fools; Laughter; Time; Wind; Nightmares; Idiots

YOU will find them in lone hidings,
You may know them by their face,
For they seem to bring good tidings
From some bright, unrumored place;
Tidings like to be unnoted
Of the world, yet very sure
To bring joy, the golden-throated,
When the better things endure.

Fools, and worse than fools, we call them,
And they smile nor make reply;
The eternal quests enthrall them,
Though we hound them till they die;
Even midst the mob they wander
With a dream-light in their eyes,
And their look, it seems to ponder
An evangel from the skies.

Something childlike in their laughter
Leaves a freshness like the spring;
At their beck, those follow after
Who delight in wayfaring
Where the road leads ever higher
And the wind blows back the hair,
And the word of a Messiah
Haunts and hovers in the air.

Nay, the world can never daunt them,
For their gladness is within;
Though no human voice may vaunt them,
Though their deeds be reckoned sin:
In the fullness of the Ages
They will come into their own,
They will light Time's dimmest pages,
Sitting splendid on a throne!

Let us toast them, since they cherish
The unbelievable, quick Gleam:
To the fools who do not perish,
To the deathless fools of Dream!

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