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HER EYES, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Once, long ago, a little one of mine
Last Line: The christ-like candor of those early eyes!
Subject(s): Eyes; Faces; Faith; Life; Summer; Belief; Creed

ONCE, long ago, a little one of mine
Would take my hand and look into my face
As if she magically might divine
My tempted heart, my imminent disgrace;

And by that handclasp and that wistful look
Would turn me safely in the better way;
Her faith so perfect that I could not brook
The thought of aught to waken her dismay.

That little one is vanished; o'er her head
Blow summer blooms, and on her stone you read
The simple story of the life she led,
Joyance in semblance, pure in every deed.

And even yet, across the dim of years,
How many, comes in the old pleading guise,
To keep me clean from all that soils and sears,
The Christ-like candor of those early eyes!

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