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First Line: The wise old mother lets man play a while
Last Line: "welcome to love, and sleep, and holiday."
Subject(s): Earth; Kisses; Love; Mothers; Seasons; Soul; World

THE wise old Mother lets man play a while --
Even as a child with toys -- about the earth,
Ere she shall welcome back, with sweet, slow smile,
The foolish one to whom her throes gave birth.

Tug at his tether as he may, he knows,
Deep in his heart, that she is always by;
He feels her presence underneath the snows,
And in the rain of autumn hears her sigh.

The thrill of spring, and summer's tilth the same,
Remind him of her breathing breast; the sea
Is her unrest; and where the maples flame,
She goes decked forth in mood of pleasantry.

The more he strays, the longer battles grim
With foes or friends, playing man's shifting role,
The surelier doth there slow uprise in him
The yearning to come back and ease his soul; --

To take her hands and look into her face
And kiss her forehead, while he hears her say:
"Welcome, my dear, to the old wonted place,
Welcome to love, and sleep, and holiday."

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