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THE VANISHED VOICE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: There stood a tree beside his boyhood's door
Last Line: Youth in the air and sunset in the west.
Subject(s): Birds; Gardens & Gardening; Life; Singing & Singers; Trees; Voices; Youth; Songs

THERE stood a tree beside his boyhood's door
That faced the west, and often, just before
The sundown, seemed transfigured with the light
That flooded in, and keen upon his sight
Burned images of flame. And from the tree
Fluted a nameless bird so goldenly
He seemed part of the sunset and the sky.

The listener has listened for that cry
Of love and longing many a weary time
And heard it never, nor can mortal rhyme
Encompass all its sweetness; could the place,
The homely homestead and the subtle grace
Of youth return, the magic moment when
The western sun shows heaven to earth-doomed men,
But transiently, perchance the chanting bird
Would be there too, perchance his voice were heard.

The listener listens vainly; song is rife
Still in the world, still love illumines life;
But he would give the all of after years,
Its triumphs, wisdoms, and revealing tears,
To hear that little bird-soul from its nest
Leap into lyric rapture, sink to rest,
Youth in the air and sunset in the west.

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