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First Line: Waking by night, a great and tender thought
Last Line: One in the father's watch and ward of love.
Subject(s): God; Love; Night; Sin; Sleep; Soul; Bedtime

WAKING by night, a great and tender thought
Rolled in upon my soul; I seemed to see
Millions of men of high and low degree,
Women and children small, -- all overwrought

With labor, sin or weakness, or distraught
Through passion's power, -- in deep tranquillity,
With placid breasts and breath that issued free,
As if they lay at peace, regretting naught.

And O it was a wonderful mild sight,
Those helpless forms of all God's creatures there,
Worldings and saints, alike as dove and dove,
Resuming innocence and lost delight,
All quieted and with sleep's magic fair,
One in the Father's watch and ward of love.

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