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THE WATCHER AT THE GATE, by            
First Line: Hark - from yonder east there come
Last Line: Love alone can save the world.
Subject(s): Love; Nations; Salvation; Social Protest; War

Hark—from yonder East there come
Muttering sounds not heard before;
Sounds akin to muffled drum,
Sounds like waves upon the shore;
In whatever land it be
Where the red-cap fez is worn,
Where the Islam flag you see,
There are clouds at night and morn.

In the hills of India, where
Ghandi's silent armies wait,
Where the Chinese battling are,
See the signs of coming fate.
For a thousand years behold
Westward, westward was the race;
Now the tides have backward rolled,
East and West are face to face.

What to do? The clouds are near,
Cries the watcher at the gate;
Ships we have and armies here—
Trust we so to them our fate?
Heavens, no! The world has tried
Blood and war a thousand years.
Millions, myriads have died,
Worlds were washed with woman's tears.

Anguish all. Is it not time
We, who call ourselves so great,
Call to every land and clime
Offering Love instead of Hate?
They will listen, they will see,
War's dread banners will be furled,
And the people's watchword be—
Love alone can save the world.

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