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First Line: We have each other's deathless love
Last Line: How dear a thing is dust!
Alternate Author Name(s): Morgan, Emanuel
Subject(s): Death; Immortality; Love; Loyalty; Mortality; Dead, The

We have each other's deathless love,
A love that flies on wings of light
From star to star and sings above
The night:
We bid each other's eyes reveal
The face whose images we are;
We find each other's hand upon the wheel
Piloting every star.

Shall we then watch with a less lonely breath
Gradual, sudden, everlasting death?

Oh, lest a separating wind assail
The jocund stars and all their ways be dearth,
And love, undone of its immense avail,
Go homeless even on earth,
Let us be constant, though we travel far,
With every mortal token of our trust,
And not forget, piloting any star,
How dear a thing is dust!

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