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A SOLILOQUY ON READING THE 5TH AND 8TH VERSES OF THE 37TH PSALM, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: In psalm, this evening order'd to be read
Last Line: Commit and trust, and he will bring to pass.
Subject(s): Bible; God; Prayer; Religion; Theology

IN psalm, this evening order'd to be read,
Fret not thyself, the royal Psalmist said.
His reason why, succeeding words instil;
Or else, says he, 'twill move thee to do ill.
Now, tho' I know that fretting does no good,
Its evil movement have I understood?

Move to do evil! Then, dear soul of mine,
Stir it not up, if that be its design:
Its being vain is cause enough to shun;
But if indulg'd, some evil must be done;
And thou, according to the holy king,
Must be the doer of this evil thing.

Men use thee ill;—that fault is theirs alone;
But if thou use thyself ill, that's thy own:
Meekness and patience are much better treasure;
Then leave off wrath, and let go all displeasure:
Tho' thou art ever so ill treated, yet
Remember David; and forbear to fret.

Commit thy way unto the Lord;—resign
Thyself intirely to the Will Divine.
All real good, all remedy for ill,
Lies in conforming to His blessed will.
By all advice that holy books record,
Thou must commit thy way unto the Lord.

And put thy trust in Him;—all other trust,
Plac'd out of Him, is foolish and unjust:
His loving kindness is the only ground
Where solid peace and comfort can be found:
What other prospects either sink or swim,
Do thou stand firm, and put thy trust in Him.

And He will bring thy way to pass;—the whole
Of all that thou canst wish for to thy soul:
He wills to give it, and thy seeking mind,
By faith and patience, cannot fail to find;
To him, whatever good desire it has,
Commit and trust, and He will bring to pass.

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