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First Line: Mankind's redemption,' you are pleas'd to say
Last Line: Nothing could bring mankind again, beside.
Subject(s): Redemption

"MANKIND's redemption," you are pleas'd to say,
"By JESUS CHRIST, was not the only way
"That could succeed; indefinitely more
"Th' Almighty's wisdom had within its store;
"By any chosen one of which, no doubt,
"The same redemption had been brought about.

"For who shall dare," you argue, "in this case,
"To limit the Omnipotence of grace?
"As if a finite understanding knew
"What the Almighty could, or could not do:
"Tho' since He chose this method, we must own,
"That our dependence is on this alone."

Now, Sir, acknowledging his pow'r immense,
Beyond the reach of all created sense;
Does it not seem to follow, thereupon,
That his true way must be directly One?
To save the world he gave his only Son,
Therefore—by Him alone it could be done.

Variety of ways is the effect
Of finite view, that sees not the direct;
But the Almighty, having all in view,
Must be suppos'd to see, and take it too;
To see at once, tho' we are in the dark,
The one straight line to the intended mark.

Saint Paul's assertion of—no other name
Given under Heav'n—appears to be the same
With this—"no other name, or pow'r, could save
But that of JESUS, which JEHOVAH gave:"
More sons, more saviours, as consistent seem
As more effective methods to redeem.

I am the way—said CHRIST; there could not be,
By just conclusion, any, then, but He:
I am the truth—whence it appears anew,
That no way else could possibly be true:
I am the life—to which, as Adam died,
Nothing could bring mankind again, beside.

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