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First Line: Lauder! Thy authors dutch and german
Last Line: Fast as the vulture can devour.
Subject(s): Plagiarism

Lauder! thy authors Dutch and German
There is no need to disinter, man!
To search the mould'ring anecdote
For source of all that Milton wrote;
We'll own, from these and many more
The bard enrich'd his ample store

Phœbus himself could not escape
The tricks of this poetic ape;
For, to complete his daring vole,
From his enliven'd wheels he stole,
Prometheus like, the solar ray
That animated all his clay.

Prometheus like, then, chain him down,
Prey on his vitals of renown,
With critic talons and with beak
Upon his fame thy vengeance wreak;—
It grows again at ev'ry hour,
Fast as the vulture can devour.

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