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TO THOMAS MOORE (2), by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Oh you, who in all names can tickle the town
Last Line: And you'll be catullus, the regent mamurra.
Alternate Author Name(s): Byron, Lord; Byron, 6th Baron
Subject(s): Friendship

OH you, who in all names can tickle the town,
Anacreon, Tom Little, Tom Moore, or Tom Brown, --
For hang me if I know of which you may most brag,
Your Quarto two-pounds, or your Twopenny Post Bag;

But now to my letter -- to yours 't is an answer --
To-morrow be with me, as soon as you can, sir,
All ready and dress'd for proceeding to spunge on
(According to compact) the wit in the dungeon --
Pray Phoebus at length our political malice
May not us lodgings within the same palace!
I suppose that to-night you're engaged with some codgers,
And for Sotheby's Blues have deserted Sam Rogers;
And I, though with cold I have nearly my death got,
Must put on my breeches, and wait on the Heathcote.
But to-morrow at four, we will both play the Scurra,
And you'll be Catullus, the Regent Mamurra.

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