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FLY, LITTLE LETTER, by            
First Line: Fly, little letter
Last Line: Kiss-linked chains sure never can part.
Subject(s): Letters

FLY, little letter,
Say I know better,
Tell him I know he is faithful and true;
I was weary with waiting,
But never was hating
The lover I love, if he love me too.

Fly, little letter,
Say to our debtor
Many a word he is owing us two;
Tell him I need him,
Urge him, and speed him
Quick to the payment of debts overdue.

Fly, little letter,
Say she has set her
Heart on his coming to see her to-night;
Say to the rover,
Never a lover
Found mistress fonder than I'll be to-night.

Fly, little letter,
Weave the soft fetter, --
Fetter of kisses I fold in my heart;
Kisses to speed him,
Draw him, and lead him, --
Kiss-linked chains sure never can part.

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