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A VERMONT 'DONATION', by             Poet's Biography
First Line: It's funny how our ancestors
Last Line: With some deliberation.
Subject(s): Charity; Churches; Dinners & Dining; Food & Eating; Preaching & Preachers; Vermont; Philanthropy; Cathedrals

IT'S funny how our ancestors
Of good old stock and station,
Would gather at the minister's
Without an invitation,
And eat him out of house and home
And call it "A Donation!"

The pastor in his study sets,
His wife repairs a stocking,
When towards the parsonage they see
A parish army flocking,
And next upon the door they hear
The general a-knocking.

The parson's wife, she opes the door,
Her being all a-flutter,
And in they file with paper bags
And pans and cans and clutter—
Before they halt, Leftenant X
Upsets a plate of butter.

Upstairs they march and throw their duds
Upon the beds and bedding;
The fascinators, hoods and clouds
And caps they all was shedding—
More kinds of wraps than Charmian watched
At Cleopatra's wedding.

Then towards the dining room the girls
Debouch to set the table;
Almira tears the papers off
And hands the stuff to Mabel,
And even she 'twas bed-rid May
Does all the child is able.

You never saw so many kinds
Of pork and beans and pickle,
And ketchup, mustard sauce and things
That make your tonsils tickle;
But all the beef and ham there was,
It never cost a nickel.

But everyone was asked to eat
And every one acceded,
And when the pastor slipped away,
Unnoticed and unheeded,
He simply went to buy some cheese
And other things 'twas needed.

At dark the children all swarmed in,
And every child was ready
To eat a piece of bread and jam,
A-fixed by Aunt McCready;
The bread crumbs soon was everywhere,
Like Mattie Mason's "steady."

They lit an unused fireplace last
And broiled the chimbly swallers,
And, Heavens! 'twas days before that house
Was fit again for callers;
The preacher figured he was out
From six to fourteen dollars.

And yet, them hours was bright for all—
The army got its ration—
And hoped it wouldn't be so long
Before the next "Donation,"
To which the parson said Amen!
With some deliberation.

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