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First Line: When summer days speed up so fast
Last Line: And glorifies that apple.
Subject(s): Apples; Food & Eating; Fruit; Vermont

WHEN summer days speed up so fast
That August bumps September,
You need a breakfast that will last,
And, 'less I disremember,
There's nothing 'round the morning hour
With which a man can grapple
Like good salt pork, and plenty o'nt,
Enriched with good fried apple.

It doesn't fade away so soon
Your stomach squirms with wonder;
A saint can work right up to noon
And not be "sawn asunder";
It beats them package foods a mile—
That top-shelf ten-cent scrapple—
Jest hand me good old fried salt pork
Enriched with good fried apple.

Good solid pork, a-salted down
'Way back there last November,
That sputters sweet and spatters brown,
And, 'less I disremember,
Them apples by the garden gate
That had a reddish dapple—
Yes; that's the kind of pork I mean,
And that's the kind of apple.

Jest wipe 'em where your hand is flat,
And slice 'em thin and slanting,
And tip 'em in the spider fat
The while it's hot and panting;
Say; that's the kind of morning dish
With which the soul can grapple—
Good sweet salt pork, and plenty o'nt,
Enriched with good fried apple.

A meal that bids the spirit sing—
The dish that saves September;
And yet there's jest one other thing,
And, 'less I disremember,
A good cream gravy starts the stuff
A-sliding past your thrapple,
And makes that pork celestial pig
And glorifies that apple.

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