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MID-APRIL IN VERMONT, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: From out his heavenly sallyport
Last Line: Right here by uncle cully's.
Subject(s): Fields; Spring; Vermont; Pastures; Meadows; Leas

FROM out his heavenly sallyport
Again Apollo sallies,
And leads his cuirassiers of light
Through these deverdured valleys;
The frost king flies, the sun king wins,
And human nature rallies.

What joy to see the yellow sun
Sweep through the gulfs and gullies,
And disinfect the lanes and lawns
That Winter's rudeness sullies,
And dry the brookland all the way
Clear up to Uncle Cully's!

He warms and lights the deepest dell
And cleanses every dingle;
The meadow runs and rills resolve
With distant seas to mingle;
The lily-of-the-valley bells
Will soon begin to jingle.

The lady's slipper entertains
Less selfish thoughts and kinder,
And acts as if she'd like to leave
Her former life behind her;
I b'lieve she hopes some poet pale
Will come along and find her.

The green at last begins its march
Toward Equinox's summit;
A bird note drops direct from heaven
Belike a choral plummet:
If anybody knows a song
He now begins to hum it.

The last year's mullein stalks stand stiff
In death's unlovely rigor,
But 'round their lifeless roots the grass
A-starts with greening vigor:
The willow fence begins to grow,
The oxen's eyes are bigger.

I wish I lived where Horace did,
Or owned that home of Tully's,
That I might see the sun advance
Through Anio's gulfs and gullies:
But I don't know—we like our place
Right here by Uncle Cully's.

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