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First Line: Most every day some village care ...'
Last Line: It's good enough for me.
Subject(s): Farm Life; Horseback Riding; Vermont; Agriculture; Farmers

'MOST every day some village care
A-kinder jolts me back,
To that old place 'way off beyond
The cars and railroad track;
Three thoughts of that unlimbered life
Divide my griefs by three,
And make me say, "By Ginger! wife,
A farmer's life for me."

I think about them stay-by things
We cooked there on the farm;
Them things that filled your back with strength,
And filled your soul with balm;
That good dried beef—that picked-up fish,
A-salt as salt could be,
I hanker still for that there dish—
It's good enough for me.

Our horses went a-fast enough,
If not the pace that kills;
The buggy had a boot and back
And leather 'round the fills;
Our Portland sleigh was picked a-twice
For leap-year rides, By Gee!
And if 'twould do for Hattie Rice
'Twas good enough for me.

I find new kinds of silk-faced shirts
And neckties, now and then,
A-laid inside my dresser drawer,
At times as high as ten;
I listen how a tailor's cut
Corrects a baggy knee,
But boughten clothes, I tell you what,
Have mostly covered me.

A-once when I took off my boots,
I always looked and felt
To see if they was wearing through,
Or cracking 'round the welt;
But now you have to take each shoe
And roost it on a tree—
Oh! give me back the boots I knew,
They're good enough for me.

My books are not the parlor kind—
I know they're pretty plain;
The fambly calls 'em "farmers' books,"
They give my wife a pain;
But, anyway, despite their looks,
I think I'll leave 'em be,
I kinder guess a farmer's books
Will have to do for me.

I can't go near a store no more
Unless I want to trade;
I never hear what's going on
Till all the plans are made;
This dooryard life has little charm
For folks that once was free—
Oh! give me back our sidehill farm,
It's good enough for me.

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