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VERMONT IN LATE SEPTEMBER, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: The roadside bloom I saw last week
Last Line: The goldenrod and asters.
Subject(s): Country Life; Roads; Travel; Vermont; Paths; Trails; Journeys; Trips

THE roadside bloom I saw last week,
It nearly tipped me over;
I 'most forgot forget-me-nots
And buttercups and clover;
'Twas "Primary" day but I ignored
The fierce politicasters,
For all the countryside was bright
With goldenrod and asters.

Jest motor down there Shaftsbury way,
If you distrust my story,
And view those famed Walloomsack fields
Which Fame has sold to Glory,
And when you walk where went the guns
And men and muster-masters,
You'll wish that Molly Stark could see
The goldenrod and asters.

Your mind won't take no greenhouse turn,
You won't be sedum silly;
You'll long for no laburnum tree
Or Honolulu lily;
The feast the soul requires is spread
And no excuse for fasters;
You'll sup until the day declines
On goldenrod and asters.

What southern bloom is like to this!
What tropic oleander,
Or amaranth the ancients sought
Along the swift Scamander!
The earthquake ash that piles itself
In Spanish Peaks and Shastas,
Contains within its mass no seed
Of goldenrod and asters.

I tell you what, it lifts you up,
This Autumn adoration;
It lifts you up right through the air,
Like spirit levitation;
And when I'm old, jest get my chair
And rig the legs with castors,
And wheel me out where I can see
The goldenrod and asters.

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