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First Line: We rode a tram, in london
Last Line: As you've of course -- inferred!
Subject(s): Travel; Journeys; Trips

We rode a tram, in London --
She had lost her purse, her fare;
I had hoped for chance -- to "break the ice"
And "chances" are so rare!
Well -- I apologized -- and, paid it;
And won, on that small dare.
A conversation then ensued
Until the end of run:
She was born in Pumpkin Center --
I, her Neighbor Brown's own son!

I spend some time in Gotham;
Find it easy to entice
The women to the Cuckoo's Nest --
And places -- quite un-nice.
One new acquaintance I have made --
(I must this in note-book enter.)
She's a line-bred Gothamite today --
Just out of -- Pumpkin Center!
It helped things not a bit, I'll say --
When I mentioned that old town;
I made it worse by adding this --
"I'm the son of Old John Brown!"

The air was cold in the vestibule;
It was snowing hard outside.
He acted like he'd like to talk
While waiting for a ride.

"Is it cold enough for you?" he asked
As I stamped snow from my feet:
"Down where I live, this time of year
The weather can't be beat!"
"Just where is that?" I sez, sezzi,
As the vestibule I enter;
"Well -- you will laugh," he sez, sezze,
"But my home's in Pumpkin Center!"

"Well ain't that strange," I sez, sezzi,
(But here he had to run -- )
"While you're from Pumpkin Center
I'm your Neighbor Brown's -- own son!"

Three thousand miles away from home --
This last chance-meet occurred:
"We're all from Pumpkin Center
As you've of course -- inferred!

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