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ON CLEADA'S HILL THE MOON IS BRIGHT, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: On cleada's hill the moon is bright
Last Line: Farewell, farewell, sweet avondu!
Alternate Author Name(s): Callanan, James Joseph

ON Cleada's hill the moon is bright,
Dark Avondu still rolls in light,
All changeless in that mountain's head,
That river still seeks ocean's bed:
The calm blue waters of Loch Lene
Still kiss their own sweet isles of green,
But where's the heart as firm and true
As hill, or lake, or Avondu?

It may not be, the firmest heart
From all it loves must often part,
A look, a word, will quench the flame
That time or fate could never tame;
And there are feelings proud and high
That through all changes cannot die,
That strive with love, and conquer too;
I knew them all by Avondu.

How cross and wayward still is fate
I've learned at last, but learned too late.
I never spoke of love, 'twere vain;
I knew it, still I dragg'd my chain.
I had not, never had a hope --
But who 'gainst passion's tide can cope?
Headlong it swept this bosom through,
And left it waste by Avondu.

Oh Avondu! I wish I were
As once upon that mountain bare,
Where thy young waters laugh and shine
On the wild breast of Meenganine;
I wish I were by Cleada's hill,
Or by Glenluachra's rushy rill.
But no! -- I never more shall view
Those scenes I loved by Avondu.

Farewell, ye soft and purple streaks
Of evening on the beauteous Reeks;
Farewell, ye mists that loved to ride
On Cahir-bearna's stormy side;
Farewell, November's moaning breeze,
Wild minstrel of the dying trees;
Clara! a fond farewell to you,
No more we meet by Avondu.

No more -- but thou, O glorious hill!
Lift to the moon thy forehead still;
Flow on, flow on, thou dark swift river,
Upon thy free wild course for ever.
Exult, young heart, in lifetime's spring,
And taste the joys pure love can bring;
But, wanderer, go -- they're not for you!
Farewell, farewell, sweet Avondu!

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