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A SIGH IN THE NIGHT, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: O sweet darkness, still and calm, and lonely!
Last Line: Of the love and faith I used to know!
Alternate Author Name(s): Cross, George, Mrs.
Subject(s): Night; Bedtime

O SWEET darkness, still, and calm, and lonely!
Spread thy downy pinions round about.
Spare me from thy hidden riches only
One dream-face; blot all the others out.

Bring him now, for thou hast power to free him,
From that ugly garb he wears by day;
Bring him now -- my darling! -- let me see him
Ere the tender kindness pass away.

O sweet night-winds, wandering in the larches!
Sigh, and croon, and whisper as you creep;
Sing my songs through green cathedral arches,
While the weary workers are asleep.

Snarl and fret not of the grief and passion;
Sing in minor cadence, sweet and low;
Sing of peace and rest, in soft wind-fashion --
Of the love and faith I used to know!

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