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CRY 'INFIDEL', by             Poet's Biography
First Line: If you find a man who does not receive
Last Line: "cry ""infidel!"
Subject(s): Conversion

If you find a man who does not receive
The doctrines you have been taught to believe,
Spare him not! Cry "Infidel!"
If he worships not at the shrines you raise,
Joins not in your feasts on your holy days,
Cry "Infidel!"

What though his heart with love overflow
To the victims of sin and want and woe,
Spare him not! Cry "Infidel!"
What though, in the long-waged fearful fight,
He is ever found on the side of Right,
Cry "Infidel!"

What though in each fellow-man he see
An image of Him of Calvary,
Spare him not! Cry "Infidel!"
What though he endeavor each soul to win
From the fearful paths of folly and sin,
Cry "Infidel!"

What right has he to think other than you?
To judge for himself what is false or true?
Spare him not! Cry "Infidel!"
Wherefore have you been commissioned to preach,
If any may question the dogmas you teach?
Cry "Infidel!"

Make him acknowledge you only are right,
That you hold the keys of the portals of light;
Spare him not! Cry "Infidel!"
Until he consent your fetters to wear,
And conscience and reason both to forswear,
Cry "Infidel!"

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