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SHABBY OLD DAD, by                    
First Line: His collar is frayed, and his trousers unpressed
Last Line: Shabby old dad!
Alternate Author Name(s): Stark, George, Mrs.
Subject(s): Fathers

His collar is frayed, and his trousers unpressed;
He's not a bit fussy the way he is dressed,
But he's always ready to help out the rest --
Shabby old Dad!

His shirts have queer stripes, and they're old-fashioned quite;
His ties are in strings, and they're never tied right.
His last year's straw hat is a terrible sight --
Shabby old Dad!

His shoes need a shine, and his cuff links are tin;
He does sometimes shave, but his top hair is thin;
You hardly would say he was neat as a pin --
Shabby old Dad!

Shabby old Dad, with his heart full of woes,
And so much to think of besides buying clothes;
With the kids needing food, and the money! God knows! --
Shabby old Dad!

If there is a Heaven where peace can enfold
A life lived for others, a heart that's pure gold,
He'll go there and live there in glory untold --
Shabby old Dad!

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