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THERE ARE STILL KINGFISHERS, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Faith, peace and joy today brings: all has failed
Last Line: Not that he cares for them, but lives for ever.
Subject(s): Kingfishers

FAITH, peace and joy to-day brings: all has failed
I this day put my hand to, well know I;
Less blind than some so far, though that's not why;
But with joy, peace and faith my spirit is mailed,
Since on Wren's bridge at noon, unseen, unhailed,
I, all alone, saw the kingfisher fly.

Not as before, startled by friendly prod,
In stagnant ditch to imagine something quiver,
Lost while half-seen; but brilliant, clear, and broad,
Forty-two yards up the middle of the river
Under my eyes shot the turquoise unflawed!
Nothing of me that bird knows and will never;
But I rejoiced, as men rejoice in God,
Not that He cares for them, but lives for ever.

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