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First Line: Oh, come with me in my little canoe
Last Line: As o'er the marble courts of kings.
Subject(s): Love

OH, COME WITH ME in my little canoe,
Where the sea is calm, and the sky is blue!
Oh, come with me, for I long to go
To those isles where the mango apples grow!

Oh, come with me and be my love!
For thee the jungle depth I'll rove;
I'll gather the honeycomb bright as gold,
And chase the elk to its secret hold.


I'll chase the antelope over the plain,
The tiger's cub I'll bind with a chain,
And the wild gazelle, with its silvery feet,
I'll give thee for a playmate sweet.

I'll climb the palm for the bia's nest,
Red peas I'll gather to deck thy breast;
I'll pierce the cocoa's cup for its wine,
And haste to thee, if thou'lt be mine.
Then come with me in my light canoe,
While the sea is calm and the sky is blue,
For should we linger another day,
Storms may arise and love decay.

Oh, come if the love thou hast for me
Is pure and fresh as mine for thee --
Fresh as the fountain under ground,
When first 'tis by the lapwing found!
Our sands are bare, and down their slope,
The silvery-footed antelope,
As gracefully and gaily springs,
As o'er the marble courts of kings.

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