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A SONG OF THE HILLS, by                
First Line: When blue mists of fair aurora
Last Line: "youth is mating -- time is stealing."
Subject(s): God; Nature; Singing & Singers; Songs

When blue mists of fair Aurora
Twine gay rainbow-tinted hills,
Voices call and Echoes answer
Birds and trees by mountain rills.

"Spring is here, with flow'rs adorning;
Leap to greet the gay glad Morning;
Sing afar with lilting voices:
Day is near and Earth rejoices.

"Hark! 'Dance in the morning,' gay redbirds sing;
Hark! Bluebirds are singing and bluebells ring;
List! Greet Day with laughter, in rose and gold;
List! Spread well the story Day's whispers told:
Shout! Praise the Great Father whose Will gave birth
To all the Beauties of Heav'n and Earth.

"Day is here, new gladness bringing;
Love is here with maidens singing;
Buds are bursting, hearts revealing;
Youth is mating -- Time is stealing."

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