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First Line: I'm jilted, forsaken, outwitted
Last Line: When I'm wooed, and married, and all.
Subject(s): Love - Complaints

I'M jilted, forsaken, outwitted;
Yet think not I'll whimper or brawl --
The lass is alone to be pitied
Who ne'er has been courted at all:
Never by great or small,
Wooed or jilted at all;
Oh, how unhappy's the lass
Who has never been courted at all!

My brother called out the dear faithless --
In fits I was ready to fall,
Till I found a policeman who, scatheless,
Swore them both to the peace at Guildhall;
Seized them, seconds and all --
Pistols, powder and ball;
I wished him to die my devoted,
But not in a duel to sprawl.

What though at my heart he has tilted,
What though I have met with a fall?
Better be courted and jilted
Than never be courted at all.
Wooed and jilted and all,
Still I will dance at the ball;
And waltz and quadrille
With light heart and heel,
With proper young men, and tall.

But lately I've met with a suitor,
Whose heart I have gotten in thrall,
And I hope soon to tell you, in future,
That I'm wooed, and married, and all;
Wooed, and married, and all, --
What greater bliss can befall?
And you all shall partake of my bridal cake,
When I'm wooed, and married, and all.

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