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THE MAID'S REMONSTRANCE, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Never wedding, ever wooing
Last Line: Not with age, but wo!
Subject(s): Carpe Diem; Courtship; Single People; Bachelors; Unmarried People

NEVER wedding, ever wooing,
Still a love-lorn heart pursuing,
Read you not the wrong you're doing
In my cheek's pale hue?
All my life with sorrow strewing;
Wed, or cease to woo.

Rivals banished, bosoms plighted,
Still our days are disunited;
Now the lamp of hope is lighted,
Now half quenched appears,
Damped, and wavering, and benighted,
Midst my sighs and tears.

Charms you call your dearest blessing,
Lips that thrill at your caressing,
Eyes a mutual soul confessing,
Soon you'll make them grow
Dim, and worthless your possessing,
Not with age, but wo!

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