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First Line: Dido was the carthage queen
Last Line: So you get daily new.
Subject(s): Dido

Dido was the Carthage Queen,
And loved the Trojan knight
That wand'ring many coasts had seen
And many a dreadful fight.
As they a-hunting rode, a shower
Drave them in a loving hour
Down to a darksome cave,
Where Æneas with his charms
Lock'd Queen Dido in his arms
And had what he could have.

Dido Hymen's rites forgot,
Her love was winged with haste;
Her honour she considered not
But in her breast she placed.
And when her love was new begun
Jove sent down his winged son
To fright Æneas' sleep;
Bade him by the break of day
From Queen Dido steal away,
Which made her wail and weep.

Dido wept, but what of this;
The gods would have it so:
Æneas nothing did amiss,
For he was forced to go.
Learn, lordlings, then, no faith to keep
With your loves, but let them weep:
'Tis folly to be true.
Let this story serve your turn,
And let twenty Didos burn,
So you get daily new.

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