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FROM A CAR WINDOW, by            
First Line: A glimpse and a glance and a fathomless gaze
Last Line: Shall arise from the ranks of the overalls.
Subject(s): Boys; Country Life

A glimpse and a glance and a fathomless gaze,
As fleeting as sunbeam, or fleck of snow;
Onward I started: he stumbled within
The shadowy lengths of the evening's glow;
But out of the stillness a something yet calls
From the heart of that boy in the overalls.

His eyes wore the clear, wistful look of the stars;
Did he ask what they held in the boy-realm dim?
His brown feet were bounded by boulders and bars,
And this was a glimpse of the world for him.
O Nature, there's nothing my vision enthralls
As the picturesque boy in the overalls.

The print of the mountain embranded his brow,
The strength of its strongholds was there;
A hint of the valley's rich regions a-plow
Freed the quizzical face of its care;
And O, could I creep through those crude wordless walls,
Clasp hearts with the boy in the overalls!

On the highways and byways such faces I see,
No face, like to these, found on fame's featured walls;
And the men, counted best, in the years yet to be,
Shall arise from the ranks of the Overalls.

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