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SONG: A LADY, RESCUED FROM DEATH BY A KNIGHT, WHO LEAVES HER, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Oh, whither is my fair sun fled
Last Line: Give me his dart, keep thou his flame.
Subject(s): Rescues; Parting

OH, whither is my fair sun fled,
Bearing his light, not heat, away?
If thou repose in the moist bed
Of the Sea-Queen, bring back the day
To our dark clime, and thou shalt lie
Bath'd in the sea flows from mine eye.

Upon what whirlwind didst thou ride
Hence, yet remain fix'd in my heart,
From me and to me fled and ti'd?
Dark riddles of the amorous art!
Love lent thee wings to fly, so he
Unfeather'd now must rest with me.

Help, help, brave youth! I burn, I bleed!
The cruel god with bow and brand
Pursues the life thy valour freed;
Disarm him with thy conquering hand;
And that thou mayest the wild boy tame,
Give me his dart, keep thou his flame.

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