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SONG: LOVER, IN DISGUISE OF AN AMAZON, DEARLY BELOVED OF HIS MISTRESS, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Cease, thou afflicted soul, to mourn
Last Line: Myself, that mine own rival am.
Subject(s): Love Complaints

CEASE, thou afflicted soul, to mourn,
Whose love and faith are paid with scorn;
For I am starv'd that feel the blisses
Of dear embraces, smiles, and kisses
From my soul's idol, yet complain
Of equal love more than disdain.

Cease, beauty's exile, to lament
The frozen shades of banishment;
For I in that fair bosom dwell
That is my paradise and hell:
Banish'd at home, at once at ease
In the safe port and toss'd on seas.

Cease in cold jealous fears to pine,
Sad wretch, whom rivals undermine;
For though I hold lock'd in mine arms
My life's sole joy, a traitor's charms
Prevail: whilst I may only blame
Myself, that mine own rival am.

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