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TO MISTRESS KATHERNE NEVILLE, ON HER GREEN SICKNESS, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: White innocence, that now lies spread
Last Line: I in your heart, he in your face.
Subject(s): Illness

WHITE Innocence, that now lies spread
Forsaken on thy widow'd bed,
Cold and alone, if fear, love, hate,
Or shame recall thy crimson mate
From his dark mazes to reside
With thee his chaste and maiden bride;
That he may never backward flow,
Congeal him in thy virgin snow.
But if his own heat, with thy pair
Of neighbouring suns and flaming hair,
Thaw him into a new divorce;
Lest to the heart he take his course,
Oh lodge me there, where I'll defeat
All future hope of his retreat,
And force the fugitive to seek
A constant station in thy cheek.
So each shall have his proper place,
I in your heart, he in your face.

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