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First Line: Young roger came tapping at dolly's window
Last Line: Mumpaty, mumpaty, mump.
Subject(s): Absence; Farewell; Love - Loss Of; Separation; Isolation; Parting

YOUNG Roger came tapping at Dolly's window,
Tumpaty, tumpaty, tump.
He begged for admittance, she answered him, 'No',
Glumpaty, glumpaty, glump.
'My Dolly, my dear, your true love is here',
Dumpaty, dumpaty, dump.
'No, Roger, no, as you came you may go',
Clumpaty, clumpaty, clump.
'O what is the reason, dear Dolly,' he cried,
Pumpaty, pumpaty, pump.
'That thus I'm cast off and unkindly denied?'
Frumpaty, frumpaty, frump.
'Some rival more dear I guess has been here',
Crumpaty, crumpaty, Crump.
'Suppose there's been two; pray, sir, what's that to you?'
Numpaty, numpaty, nump.

O then with a sigh a sad farewell he took,
Lumpaty, lumpaty, lump.
And all in despair he leaped into the brook,
Flumpaty, flumpaty, flump.
His courage it cooled, he found himself fooled,
Trumpaty, trumpaty, trump.
He swam to the shore and saw Dolly no more,
Rumpaty, rumpaty, rump.

And then she recalled and recalled him again,
Humpaty, humpaty, hump.
But he like a madman ran over the plain,
Stumpaty, stumpaty, stump.
Determined to find a damsel more kind,
Plumpaty, plumpaty, plump.
While Dolly's afraid she shall die an old maid,
Mumpaty, mumpaty, mump.

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