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BALLAD TO THE TUNE OF 'PHILLIDA FLOUTS ME', by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Ned! She that likes thee now
Last Line: Ned! Faith look to it!
Subject(s): Unfaithfulness; Infidelity; Adultery; Inconstancy


NED! she that likes thee now,
Next week will leave thee!
Trust her not, though she vow
Ne'er to deceive thee;
Just so to Tom she swore,
Yet straight was ranging:
Thus she'd serve forty more,
Still she'll be changing.
Last month I was the man;
See, if deny't she can;
Else ask Frank, Joan, or Nan:
Ned! faith look to it.


She'll praise thy voice, thy face;
She'll say, th' art witty;
She'll too cry up thy race,
Thy state she'll pity;
She'll sigh, and then accuse
Fortune of blindness:
This form she still doth use,
When she'd show kindness.
Thou'lt find (if thou but note)
That t' all she sings one note;
I've learn'd her arts by rote:
Ned! faith look to it!


With scorn, as now on me,
(Less may'st thou care for't!)
Ere long she'll look on thee,
Thyself prepare for't.
The next new face will cast
Thine out of favour;
The winds change not so fast,
As her thoughts waver:
If them thou striv'st t' enchain,
Thereby thou'lt only gain
Thy labour for thy pain:
Ned! faith look to it!

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