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First Line: Tis true. I am fettered
Last Line: Then who'd not be I?
Variant Title(s): Ballad To An Italian Tune (2)
Subject(s): Love


'TIS ture. I am fetter'd,
But therein take pleasure:
My case is much better'd;
This chain is a treasure.
My prison delights me;
'Tis freedom, that frights me;
I hate liberty:
I'll not be lamented,
You'd all be contented
To have such chains as I.


When (heretofore flying)
My loves oft I quitted;
I then was a-trying,
And now I'm fitted.
I ne'er should have changed,
If she (whilst I ranged)
Had first struck mine eye:
As soon as I met her,
Enchain me I let her:
Ye'd all do, as I.


Soft cords made of roses,
Than mine would more gall me;
Her bright hair composes
Those bonds which enthrall me.
Now, when she has proved
How much her I've loved,
My hopes will soar high:
Perchance, to retain me,
Her arms will enchain me;
Then who'd not be I?

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