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DIES IRAE, DIES ILLA, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: A day full of horror, must
Last Line: Gainst then, mercy! My soul cries.
Subject(s): Prayer; Worship


A DAY full of horror, must
All this world dissolve to dust:
Prophets say it; w' are to trust.


What heart will be void of fear
When our great judge shall appear
Strictly each man's cause to hear?


A shrill trumpet there will sound,
All must rise from underground,
And the Judge's throne surround.


How astonish'd then will be
Death and Nature, when they see
From their laws each body free?


A book where men's deeds are writ
Shall be read; the Judge to it
Will th' eternal sentence fit.


At his sitting, 'twill be vain
To conceal a secret stain;
Nought unpunish'd shall remain.


How shall I that day endure?
What friend shall I then procure,
When the just are scarce secure?


My request do not reject,
Thou that savest thine elect;
God of mercy, me protect.


Christ! remember in that day,
I'm thy sheep, tho' gone astray!
Leave me not to wolves a prey.


Weary, oft me sought thou hast;
For me, nail'd to the cross thou wast:
Lose not all these pray'rs at last.


Though my sins to vast sums mount,
Yet thy mercies them surmount:
O ne'er call them to acount!


I confess my guilt; th' art meek:
Grant that pardon which I seek!
Lo, shame's blushes dye each cheek.


Mary, and the thief, scarce leave
Sin, but thou dost them receive;
What hopes hence mayn't I conceive?


True, my prayers deserve not aught;
By thy passion th' art besought:
Keep me from the fiery vault!


'Mongst the sheep grant me a stand;
Drive me from the goats' curs'd band,
Placing me on thy right hand.


This t' obtain, my knees I bend;
For this, all my prayers I send:
Lord, take care of my last end!


O! that day'll cause weeping eyes,
When to judgement men shall rise;
'Gainst then, mercy! my soul cries.

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