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First Line: Are these the things I sigh'd for so, before?
Last Line: But those who serve our common sovereign.
Subject(s): Courts & Courtiers; Royal Court Life; Royalty; Kings; Queens


ARE these the things I sigh'd for so, before?
For want of these, did I complain of Fate?
It cannot be. Sure there was somewhat more
That I saw then, and priz'd at a true rate;
Or a strange dullness had obscur'd my sight,
And even rotten wood glitters i' th' night.


Mine eyes were dim, I could no nearer get;
This trash was with its most advantage plac'd:
No marvel then, if all my thoughts were set
On folly, since it seem'd so fairly grac'd.
But now that I can see, and am got near,
Ugly (as 'tis indeed) it doth appear.


Now, were I put on th' Erithrean sands,
I would not stoop the choicest jew'ls to take:
Should th' Indian bring me gold in fulfill'd hands,
I would refuse all offers he could make.
Gems are but sparkling froth, natural glass;
Gold's but gilt clay, or the best sort of brass.


Long since (for all his monarchy) that bee
Which rules in a large hive, I did despise:
A mole-hill's chiefest ant I laugh'd to see,
But any prince of men I much did prize.
The world now seems to me no bigger then
Mole-hill, or hive; ants, bees, no less than men.


Who wishes then for power, or plenty craves,
O let him look down on them both from hence!
He'll see that kings in thrones, as well as graves,
Are but poor worms, enslav'd to vilest sense:
He'll find that none are poor who care for nought;
But they who having much, for more have sought.


Come, poor deluded wretch! climb up to me;
My naked hermitage will teach all this:
'Twill teach thee too where truest riches be,
And how to gain a never-fading bliss.
'Twill make thee see that truly none do reign,
But those who serve our common sovereign.

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